In the shadow of life, we learn to listen to our souls.

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In the shadow of life, we learn to listen to our souls.


10/11/1964 Gent BE

My biggest passion remains the painting, collage, graffiti.

Installations and Mail Art.
The installations are very temporary and disappear after the project in question, they fall apart as it were, which fulfill any other function again.
Installations give the advantage that you can step out to dimensional work.

MAIL-ART, sending little pieces of art worldwide.
I have several virtual exhibitions abroad, a constantly exhibition of work.

VEDIC ART: through deepest expression to the inner life of your own path and purpose in life.
VEDIC ART Workshop: painting from your essence, guidance inward, to your true nature, making your consciousness opens (info personal guidance)
Art and life in perfect harmony

Collage Techniques, letters and words occupy a prominent place.
Color, power, positive messages with hidden runes, gateways to another dimension

Key Musea

Smakgent Contemporary art museum 2021

Guislainmuseum 2021

Little Van Gogh Paris FR 2020

Cavellini’s Gallery, Venezia Mestre IT 2013

Jheronimus Bosch Art Center NL 2018

``Wearable Art`` Spreading color and Light

Vegan canvas

After a studio visit... Going back in time is often going back in memory

Preparing Expo ``Subjective``

Detail ``Limitate limited Angel``

Gemstones, acrylic paint, mixedmedia and love

In the shadow
of life, we learn to listen to our souls

Inside Outside
What lives inside
What lives outside
How the outside world enters
How can the world comes out
Connection between heaven and earth
to the core of your soul
your true self
beauty, magic and myth
connection between old and new
clarity, intuition and expression
as a mirror of the soul

Connected to the universe 0
Connected to love 0
Inspired by Nature 0
Branding 0

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